Chris Stein goes to the Mercer Art Center for the first time.

Sample from the documentary in progress “Punk Before Punk”

proto-punk style

The original punk style as defined by Television in 1974 was urban. ¬†Youth culture is very urban now, it wasn’t then. When I saw early Television perform with Hell at Max’s in August ’74 (and especially their Village Voice ad) I thought they looked like urban hillbillies. I guess that another way of saying Elvis aka “the Hillbilly Cat.” But TV wasn’t 50’s – there were the future and channeled the style of their adolescent youth, film noir, the Bowery Boys, French boho and frankly “spade clothes.”*

This video is not part of the Pk B4 Pk doc but might get in there is some form

* I don’t meant to give offense but the son of a clothing store owner who offered the same selection we see in this video used that shorthand for what his father did “he owned a store that sold spade clothes.”