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Roberta Bayley at the Met.

I recently attended “Sunday at the Met: Origins of Punk” – one of several panels meant to coincide with the exhibit “PUNK: Chaos to Couture.” The panel or “conversation” featured Jon Savage and Roberta Bayley, and was moderated by Glenn O’Brien.

Because of my history and my on-going efforts with my punk origins documentary, I have been to many such panels and seen many more “punk” documentaries. This ‘conversation’ at the Met might have been my favorite.  It was relaxed, sophisticated and bombast free. Congratulations to the participants and members of the team behind it. (Two of whom I met in the months of their research leading to the exhibit,  Andrew Bolton and Amanda Garfinkel.

The public associates punk with gutter snipes and there is something to that, but many of my associations with early punk involve witty, urbane characters. Think Danny Fields and Terry Ork. (Those two along with Jane Friedman were practically mid-wives of the scene.)  This panel reflected that side of “punk.”  None of the tensions over London-New York “punk ownership” were on display either.  All concerned treated it as two sides of the same coin.

Grand Dames of the Scene  from May 2013 “Just Chaos!” opening.

There is more to her than… doing the door at CB’s in 1974, being the original photographer at Punk Magazine and snapping some of the scenes most iconic photos.. but I’ll let you look that up on her site and elsewhere. I’ll now let the elegant Roberta speak for herself here.

Roberta Bayley on early Television and CBGB’s