Marty Rev talks about Suicide’s early gigs at the Mercer

Marty Rev was one of my favorite interviews.  Sadly the interview was cut short because we started late (no fault of his) and the location that was kind enough to host us (thank you Motor City), needed us to leave before they opened for business.

We spent a lot of time talking about the Mercer Art Center and the early days of Suicide.  Marty is half of the duo Suicide, Alan Vega is the other half.  Suicide was one of the few bands that straddled the Mercer and CBGB era.  They also really endured, made their mark on history and are around still as solo performers and sometimes together.

Suicide can make a valid claim to be the ultimate “punk before punk” outfit. I suspect this 1970 ad and flyer was the first time punk was used to promote a show.

By way of full disclosure – I came into Suicide’s orbit in 1977 though video artist Jaime Davidovich. He introduced me to his artist neighbors in Soho, who were friends with Alan.  Walter Robinson and Edit deAk had made a super-8 film slash multi-projector performance piece set to the song Frankie Teardrop. We collaborated in shooting more (both Super -8 & video editing in a high-end video facility where I worked. The film/video was finished in 1978 and my brother and I became great fans of the band.

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